Zahner Metal Conservation offers restoration, conservation + maintenance plans for metal art + architecture.



Every work of art or architectural element in need of care undergoes a specific and science-based process to determine the least invasive solution based on unique circumstances.



Backed by the metal expertise of A. Zahner Company, Zahner Metal Conservation is confident in treating and maintaining all types of metal, from aluminum to zinc (and everything in between).

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Work treated and maintained by Zahner Metal Conservation experts are guaranteed. We care deeply about the preservation of artwork for the enjoyment of current and future generations.


Serving collectors worldwide, Zahner Metal Conservation offers a range of specialized treatment services tailored to fit each client's needs.

Steven Richardson,  Converge,  City of Overland Park

Steven Richardson, Converge, City of Overland Park

Using informed, cutting-edge techniques in preserving art, Zahner Metal Conservation provides the highest confidence in the longevity of our collection.
— Julie Bilyea, City of Overland Park