Protect Your Investment 


Every work of art or architectural element in need of care undergoes a specific and science-based process to determine the least invasive solution depending on unique circumstances. Drawing upon decades of experience, each work Zahner Metal Conservation treats is handled with the utmost care and concern for the artist or architect's original intention.




Visual Inspection

Step one entails a comprehensive visual inspection of a work's current condition. Our experts look for signs of deterioration or corrosion to protective patinas, seams and connectors. All areas of concern are digitally photographed along with a written evaluation.


Research + Analysis

Following visual inspection and documentation, our team conducts extensive research and fact-based analysis to determine the best method for specialized treatment. Drawing from decades of experience, our science-based recommendations take into account materials, fabrication methods, site specific surroundings, and environmental factors. Solutions are provided on a per case basis.



Treatment plans will vary according to material and unique conditions. Our goal is to provide minimally invasive solutions to clean and protect each work of art or architecture. Should restoration be required, we will consult directly with the artist, when possible, and proceed with scientifically-based process to ensure a protective yet reversible solution. 


Recommendations + Maintenance

Each step of treatment will be properly documented, providing a written and visual conservation history for a work. Post-treatment maintenance and storage recommendations are provided at no cost. To ensure an art or architectural object's long-term preservation, Zahner Metal Conservation offers yearly maintenance agreements, which provide annual surface cleaning and inspection.